this must be the place —

a natural light studio based in san diego, ca.

you, me, and drake—at the place, making dreamy magic. for your partner or for yourself.

Let me just start off by saying. THE FREAKING PLACE. This PLACE is a dream. I have never walked into a studio and thought....I actually
want to move in. All your sexy, sweet, romantic dreams wrapped up into a couple rooms. I am so beyond happy with how my photos turned out. There is no studio like this around. Thank you so much Asha for my forever favorite photos. 

The Place has all the vibes, with the most dreamy decor and airy lighting. You're guaranteed to get the most stunning photos. I felt so comfortable and relaxed shooting there. It really makes the photos come to life and feel so dreamy and magical.

The Place is literally the studio of my dreams!!!! All the cozy warm and fuzzy vibes as soon as you walk in, natural light pouring through each room that create the most beautiful glow in your photos, and the green room/glam room is so comfortable and perfect for wardrobe and makeup changes. If you know Asha, she’s captured her essence in a space, and I’ll be showing the photos we created there to my grandkids someday.

This stuuuudio!! As a creative I’m all about the vibe a place gives and The Place Studio is literally the perfect spot. Every inch of the space is so dreamy and unique. You walk in and immediately feel inspired and ready af to make some magic. I was fully obsessed with my photos before I even saw them. Asha is a queeeennn! It’s so fun being in her little 

From the moment I entered into The Place I was immediately impressed with the studio’s ambiance and lighting. Without a doubt I knew Asha would successfully capture the tones in the content I was looking for. Each room offers soft, dreamy and comforting vibes which ultimately gave me the confidence I needed while shooting. I felt like an absolute angel on this day and can now cherish this special time in my life forever.