hi, i'm asha

A big fan of frank ocean, the moon,
and checking our zodiac compatibility.

I'm a 20-something-year-old photographer, wife, and mom currently living life in a sunny little pocket of California. Things I love: Frank Ocean, Harry Potter, chicken strips with ranch, the word “fuck,” and couples who trust me. I have discovered that the universe made me to create art. I am passionate about emotion—love, desire, & happiness all endlessly inspire me to write, paint, and shoot photos that will embody the emotions within the frame forever. It’s a crazy feeling to be chosen to document the biggest days in someone’s life, and I treat it like it’s the most important job in the world—because to me, it is. How amazing is it that a day exists in this world where it is totally cool to be a ball of tears & snot & love in front of the person you wanna feel the earth rotate with??? I’m not about the fake shit—give me the messy, give me the tears, give me the rawest, most vulnerable parts of your love and I’ll help you turn it into gold. I am a traveling photographer + artist + human being, obsessed with adventure, travel, and intimate moments. Working together will most likely end with us being best friends; I’m a stage 5 clinger. Carefree, genuine humans who are down to get a little creative during shoots keep me young. If you love astrology, that's a bonus.
Hi, my name is Asha. Let’s be friends.

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