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HOW AMAZING IS IT THAT A DAY EXISTS on this planet WHERE IT IS TOTALLY COOL TO BE A BALL OF TEARS & SNOT & LOVE IN FRONT OF THE PERSON YOU WANNA FEEL THE EARTH ROTATE WITH??? i’m not about the fake shit; give me the messy, give me the tears, give me the rawest, most vulnerable parts of your love and i’ll help you turn it into gold.
i am a traveling photographer + artist + human being, obsessed with adventure, travel, and intimate moments. working together will most likely end with us being best friends; i’m a stage 5 clinger. carefree, genuine humans who are down to get a little creative during shoots keep me young. if you love harry potter, that's a bonus. hi, my name is asha. let’s be friends.

i'm a 20-something-year-old photo taker currently living life in a sunny little pocket of california. things i love: frank ocean, harry potter, chicken strips with ranch, the word “fuck,” and couples who trust me. i have discovered that the universe made me to create art. i am passionate about emotion—love, desire, & happiness all endlessly inspire me to write, paint, and shoot photos that will embody the emotions within the frame forever. it’s a crazy feeling to be chosen to document the biggest days in someone’s life, and i treat it like it’s the most important job in the world. because to me, it is.

hi, i'm asha (not ashley)

just your average
foul-mouthed light-chasing fun-seeker

really just want you to look at your photos and say "holy fuck, that's me? i'm this cute???" and i'll be sitting there like your mom on the couch when she told you you weren't getting any christmas presents when, of course, she knew you would.

a big fan of tangerines, the moon, and checking our zodiac compatibility

for your
earthly love

ashley & matt

Asha captured the most important night of our lives in the most breathtaking way! 
After the year that we’ve had while planning out wedding—2 reschedulings and a last minute elopement—she made our COVID-19 experience a little bit better with her magic. Asha is the woman you want by your side when you feel overwhelmed because she’s so great with words and making sure you’re feeling confident on your special day. 
As soon as we got to our bridal photo location, she made us feel so comfortable and had my husband and I pose and move in such an organic way, I knew our photos were going to be magical. Throughout the rest of the night, Asha captured the joy we had with our family and closest friends, and even caught the moment when our entire bridal party jumped in the pool at the end of the night! 
At the end of the day, Asha is worth every penny and more—you will love her and her work, and want to make sure that she captures every life moment you have from here on out just like we will!

ashlee & kevin


Asha deserves everything the world has to offer, because without a doubt, that is what she gave us. Asha gave us more than pictures, more than laughs—she gave us every emotion we felt, delicately and jam packed into photos. Nothing staged, nothing posed—authentic moments curated specifically with our personalities. How she does it? No idea, but she does it, flawlessly. Working with her is easily one of the most authentic experiences of our life. Whenever we are with Asha and her camera, her energy and charisma creates a bubble around us—and let me tell you, her bubble gives you all the confidence you could ever need. If you need a sign to work with her, this is it. Because with Asha you get her entire self. her confidence-sharing, laugh-out-loud personality tied with her willingness to drop everything because your zipper on your wedding dress breaks before your ceremony. If you need a photographer and want a friend, you've found her.

abby & tyler

I’m here to tell anyone who is considering asking Asha to help capture a special moment in their lives to look no further and DO IT! I knew I wanted the photos for my wedding to be beautiful. Not only that—I wanted my husband to have fun and not feel uncomfortable. Asha has a great energy. She is excited to be in the moment with you and makes it such a blast! There are so many photographers who are there to make money, but you can tell she loves her job and loves LOVE! I remember after our engagement shoot Tyler turned to me and said “wow what a good time." Not something I ever expected him to say after a photoshoot.
She helps you with every aspect of the shoot—clothes, poses, she thinks of it all. For the day of my wedding she was there by my side, helping me every step of the way. We got married in the middle of covid, and there were so many times I had to change things up on her and she was so understanding and honestly just the best to work with. I would choose her 100x over again. Every time I look at these pictures I’m right back to the best day of my life. All of my emotions come back and I get the butterflies all over again. I have her to thank for that. 

elisa & wladimir

Asha, Asha, Asha. It all began on a typical Friday night, scrolling through my Insta feed, where I saw my friend post some freaking adorable and sexy photos of her and her man in long beach. I saw the tag @ashabaileyphotography, I clicked, and I fell in love. I knew after stalking her Instagram–—just how I had stalked my now husband's (our modern-day love story)—that I needed her to take our engagement photos and wedding photos.
Her eye is IMPECCABLE. Her personality is so down-to-earth. She has this incredible way of making you feel so comfortable, even when you're in 60 degree water, splashing around in a dress, inches away from flashing a beach full of people. Trust me when I say that we are not models (I know—hard to believe), but she really made us feel that way. She made my wedding a breeze. She was always down to hold my dress, or fix my hair, or hide my bra. I didn't have a bridal party, so she was my stand-in bridesmaid, for sure. She even easily handled my Latino family and got them in order—an almost impossible task.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Asha! There will never be enough words to express my gratitude for you. I love you!

nicole & marty

Where do I even start?!
I knew Asha was the one from the moment we first met for coffee to discuss wedding details. Not only does her work speak for itself, but she is also outgoing, listens to your needs, is very professional and is truly just someone you can trust! From random phone calls, to texting about wedding ideas, to making me feel comfortable & cared for throughout my entire wedding journey, I thank her! Even going out of her way to bring me jewelry options because I freaked out the morning of my wedding & told her I forgot my jewelry...she literally goes hard for all her clients and I love that about her. To top it all off, my wedding photos are a dream! Just looking through each photo brings back the emotions I felt that that day, I literally cried. Thank you Asha for capturing such stunning photos on the best day of my. Love you!

juliette & james

Asha was an absolute dream to work with.
Our experience with her was unforgettable. From our first FaceTime meeting we knew Asha was it. She offered endless support throughout the process and on the day itself, James and I both felt like we were in safe hands. It was like having our best friend there by our side. The professionalism that she demonstrated allowed us to relax and enjoy our special day. We got our photos right on time for our second wedding reception, which allowed us the opportunity to share the experience with friends and family back east. We were simply ecstatic with the results. We would like to sum up how we feel about working with Asha by simply saying—she is remarkable at what she does, is a beautiful person to collaborate with, and she genuinely loves what she does, which has an enormous impact on the quality of her work and how she makes her clients feel. Book Asha!!! You won't be disappointed—she will capture memories you and yours will cherish forever!

ally & nick

Let me start by saying... we did that! 
You were a part of the most beautiful and special day in our lives. This wasn’t your traditional wedding to ask a photographer to shoot at. We asked that you come to Italy with us and capture us getting married in front of one of tHe most popular monuments in the world. And we pulled that off. 
Not only were our photos beyond incredible... Asha as a person is amazing and became family within the days we were with her. Asha made everything flow so perfectly and made us so comfortable. She gave perfect direction, she made us laugh, she was down for whatever and if you asked her to jump she said how high. This girl gave us beautifully edited photos on the same day as our wedding! and the rest of the album was given to us so quickly. 
We truly couldn’t be more grateful that we chose Asha as our photographer. She will be our go to for life! Xo

morgan & leon

Asha, you truly found your calling—you are absolutely amazing at what you do and I am so thankful we were able to lock you down for our engagement & wedding photos.
The photos you take look like they came straight from a wedding magazine—the couples all look so comfortable and romantic—I was nervous we wouldn't be able to pose like that for you to capture those moments for us...well you did it again—you picked up on our personalities in seconds and were able to put some poses together to capture the dreamy photos I had been wanting.
Thank you for your hard work, great communication, and ability to just plug yourself into our big day without direction and capturing everything and more.

karris & raphael

When my wife and I got engaged and began looking for a photographer, we realized that we were looking for more than a service, we were looking for a very specific person; that person was Asha Bailey. Having worked in the wedding industry myself, I’ve seen a lot of dispassionate craft-persons that seem to not care about the couple that hired them. Asha was the opposite. We met with her prior to the wedding for our engagement photos and felt truly at home with her: she cared holistically about us as a couple. She made our wedding day roll smoothly, as she was organized, well-prepared, and confident. She was in her element, and she was there for us the whole way. When she came through for our wedding, she was there as more than a hired gun, but as a friend. If you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer, I highly recommend Asha Bailey!

alyssa & luke

From the moment I saw Asha’s portfolio, I knew she was going to be the perfect photographer for us. I loved her tones, her style of editing, and how she captured real moments so beautifully. Choosing a photographer was SO hard [especially when planning a destination wedding] but my first phone call with Asha only confirmed that she was our girl. She was super quick to respond to everything, always available to chat, super down to earth and made us feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. She captured absolute magic on our wedding day [even though my husband and I felt like we didn’t know what we were doing] and the shots from our post wedding shoot are beyond what I could have hoped for. We LOVE our photos and will cherish them forever. Thank you Asha you are amazing ♡

candace & andrew

Asha Bailey, first of her name, capturer of love and magic, badass queen. 
Words cant express my gratitude and complete adoration of Asha. From my first encounter with her she stood out from other professional wedding photographers by making it a point to get to know me and my husband. We had already seen her work on Instagram and COULDN'T wait to touch base. After our first call we knew she was the one. 
Asha captured both our engagement and wedding photos. We had big plans. Both my husband and I had never taken professional photos like this and were a little nervous. Asha made us comfortable, guided us, and kept us laughing the entire time! The end result - amaaaaaazing photos. 
Planning for a wedding and deciding on vendors to work with can be really overwhelming. Deciding to work with Asha was the easiest and best decision we had made. We found a friend and photographer for life!

erica & jeremy

I found Asha’s Instagram, fell in love with her aesthetic, & knew she would be a great fit for our wedding. Our experience with Asha as our wedding photographer met our expectations & more. As crazy busy as she is, she was responsive & prompt with getting things done. The fact that my husband & I vibed with her so well was everything. Shooting with her was so much fun & more so an experience that we will cherish forever. I feel that every couple feels pressured to get those “perfect shots” which makes you act or wanna pose a certain way, but Asha literally says “Naw, do you” and gets so many good shots. Asha’s pictures and the moments she’s able to capture continues to amaze me. She not only was our wedding photographer, but became our friend. She’s super personable, friendly, & just real. So glad Asha was a part of our whole wedding experience. EVERYONE IN THE ROOM APPRECIATED HER PRESENCE. She was the one—I couldn’t have ask for anyone better. love u so much asha!

shareen & tyler

First of all, Asha is a Harry Potter fan. That's why you'll love her. The end.
No but seriously, from the moment my (now) husband Tyler and I started working with Asha, she made us feel so comfortable and taken care of which is hard to do via email, but she did it. Her talent spoke for itself but her personality is what sold us. She was the first photographer I looked at and I kept going back to her even when I was speaking to other vendors, and I'm so happy I did. Booking her was one of the best decisions I made during my wedding year. When we first met in person during our engagement shoot, it felt like we'd known each other all along. That's exactly the type of energy you need with your photographer to get amazing results in photos.

lorraine & aaron

Asha was an absolute delight to work with. From the moment we saw her images online we knew that she was going to be the one for us. FROM THE START, HUNTING FOR A PHOTOGRAPHER THAT FIT OUR NEEDS, met our schedule, AND most importantly matched our artistic vision was going to be a DAUNTING TASK. To make matters worse, we were on a very tight window for a schedule. Asha was actually unavailable for our originally planned elopement date, so what did we do? Changed our elopement date to meet Asha's schedule. We honestly couldn't be happier that we did. Our ceremony was extremely small and intimate. As a matter of fact, Asha was actually our only guest. She was prompt, professional, non-intrusive, and down to earth. She sure knows how to make two non-photogenic people look like naturals in her craft. Kudos to her for that. *high five* The whole set itself came out better than either of our wildest dreams. Any time time we show friends or family images from our elopement, its a guarantee we get compliments on her work. Being able to capture our special day with Asha's art is TRULY priceless to us. TYSM Asha!

amairani & daniel

One of the most important things for a wedding is picking a photographer, so you have to make sure you pick the best of the best, & Asha Bailey was just more than that; she’s amazing, she is light. After being so amazed when we came across her feed, we knew she was the one, & that was confirmed once we had our engagement shoot.
This whole process can be very stressing & overwhelming, there’s so many photographers out there but we wanted to pick someone who can capture raw genuine emotions, not too “posed” but capture the truth, the real good stuff, our real love, because that’s what is all about. Working with Asha was better than we imagined, we could feel the instant click! She’s so fun to work with, she’s adventure! Full of energy! Makes you feel confident & so comfortable like you’ve known her all along.
She captured the little things and the BIG feelings, nothing forced, nothing set up, just what we feel on the inside, and for that we’re so thankful. We had the best night of our lives and it was all beautifully documented. We could not have asked for a better outcome! 

jessi & gabriel

Asha, what a dream. When my husband and I were searching for a wedding photographer, Asha was a clear choice for us from the beginning. We were immediately blown away by her stunning feed that had a perfect mix of expansive landscape shots in the most beautiful locations, and extremely intimate, closeups that exuded warmth, depth, and love. When we finally connected with Asha, I immediately appreciated her excitement and enthusiasm for what would be the biggest day of our lives. I could tell she wanted to get the photos just right... she began doing tons of research, sending me reference photos and location ideas so we would be prepared on the day of the shoot. Working with her in the flesh was even better than I could’ve imagined. Not only is she incredibly professional and seasoned beyond her years, but I really appreciated her attention to detail and the way she captured my husband and I so naturally within our environment. Her direction made us feel relaxed and confident, and the romance just naturally poured out of us! For the first time, I was seeing our love on camera the way it feels inside. We love and appreciate you more than you know!

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