intimate. intentional. earthly.

honest. emotional. fucking fun.

southern california based, capturing love in every corner of this little blue planet

traveling the world and capturing love stories is my thing.

there's just something about capturing the magic between two people and being the one to deliver them their own love as a form of art. running through the desert, dodging crashing waves, and being effortlessly and completely in's just the fucking best.

i’m here to capture that feeling—
that feeling that lingers once you’ve stripped everything down to its bones. once the flowers are dead and the dress is dirty. the invitations are tossed and the cake is finished. the hair is ruined and the makeup is smeared. that feeling that buzzes at the bottom of your stomach like champagne. warm to the touch. glows at night.

i’m here to catch that feeling and hold it for you in glass jars for you to look at for eternity. moments you can hold in your hands. proof you had lived life, evidence you had loved. that feeling that sits there at the core of everything you do— here’s to chasing that feeling 🤘🏽

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