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I’ll preface this by saying i’ve gotten wedding pricing templates from other photographers prior to this one. Those templates were filled out for me and all i had to do was change the pricing. They were very generic and all said roughly the same thing. I got Asha’s beautiful template a couple days ago and the title prompts really got me thinking about the previous pre-filled out guides i had gotten, i realized they did not match my business and philosophy at all. Asha’s template allowed me to be completely myself and allowed me to think for myself. I’m sure Asha did not intend for other photographers to have ah eye opening moment about their business but the creativity that this guide inspired, made me realize i’m damn good at what i do and i can speak for myself in confidence utilizing this template. I’m so excited to dive into the wedding guide this week!

If you are looking for something to pull you out of you posing slump, this is it! I have purchased every one of Asha’s posing guides and i am so impressed with how beautiful they are and, more importantly, how helpful they’ve been in pulling me out of my slump. It can be so easy to have a few go-to poses that are used at every session, but that gets stale so fast. These guides will absolutely help mix things up, especially when your mind goes blank in the middle of posing. I whipped out the mobile version just yesterday during my engagement session and it pulled me right out of my comfort mindset and i tried some new stuff from the guide! I can’t wait to use for all my formals and projects. Just give asha your money already and make this investment

First off these guides are the fucking bomb!!!! It doesn’t matter if you are new or seasoned (like myself) because there are days where i just don’t feel overly creative or i feel stumped mid shoot…i bought the bridal and maternity guides and asha fucking nailed itttttt with these!! I swear, sometimes i know what i want my couples to do but don’t know how to say it words and asha explains prompts so well! The mobile version is so convenient when you need a quick reminder or inspo before or during a shoot!! I really wanted guidance on maternity because i don’t like basic maternity shit and asha is the queen of bump photos. I love how the guide helps you how to prompt into “poses” but also it won’t look like a carbon copy of the previous client you did that same prompt on because everybody responds to the prompts differently which i love!

I purchased the couples posing guide last year when i was just starting out my business and i have three words - worth every penny! Each pose includes the prompts asha uses as well as her settings and only being a few months into my business those were super helpful in not only teaching me how to get natural movement and smiles from my couples but also a general idea of what my settings should be as well. Here we are over a year later after purchasing the guide and i still the guide and her playlist for every engagement/couples session! One thing that i’ve always admired about asha as a photographer is how creative and unique her work is especially when it comes to her posing. So if this is an area you are struggling with, i highly recommend this couples posing guide!

I purchased the pricing guide template and the client experience guide and not only are they flawlessly put together but have been so easy to navigate or make them my own! I’m so excited to be able to follow the client experience guide since i’m newer to the industry. It consists of everything from the initial inquiry, communication, how to handle getting ghosted (we all hate that right?) setting expectations, contracts and all the way to delivering photos! I believe this will take my journey to the next level to tie in the sense of professionalism my clients deserve! Now that i’m leveling up my business, asha’s pricing guide template is exactly what i need to present to my clients and tie in the initial inquiry experience. You’d be a fool to not purchase these items! Let’s level up together!

Girl... When i first opened the guide the illustrations got me so excited to dive into it. Once i started reading the intro i felt like a friend was talking to me and holding my best interests. Then the freakin amazing page with the spotify albums is genius and is what sets this apart from any other posing guide out there. It’s so intuitive and i can’t wait to use them, i was listening to “love and shit” the rest of the way through and it matched the pictures through out, adding even more meaning. So i see how it really effects the shoot. I really loved the styling part, including actual pinterest boards and inspo. Literally mind blown with all the content you get in this guide. Timing is a real thing and it feeds me the confidence that i really needed to have and feel again. It’s clear and concise just like her mobile app which is going to be a savior on location. All i can say to conclude is a big fat thank you for putting so much thought and valuable content. Worth every penny!!

asha’s posing guide is perfect for those needing a creative way to keep bringing their posing game to the next level. it’s awesome! the mobile version is super handy for when i’m having brain farts and have no idea what to do next—i can instead quickly scroll through some ideas. it’s perfect for a quick reference when you’re out on a shoot and feet stuck. don’t miss out on this!


Honestly, where do i begin? as a new photographer in the business, i always get stuck with poses, don’t know how to prompt my clients how to do a certain pose that i want, etc. as soon as i saw that asha was dropping a posing guide i was excited because her posing is freaking great! from the prompts, photo examples, camera settings, playlists, and much more, this guide is definitely what i needed! so excited to use this guide during my sessions! can’t wait to see what asha comes out with in the future!


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