#fuckitmaskoff—allie & brad 〰︎ newport beach socially distanced backyard wedding

#FuckItMaskOff — a new lil series i’m starting where i highlight and celebrate my couples whose wedding plans have been run over by this pandemic, but who have still chosen to say fuck it and hold an intimate gathering in honor of their love.

meet allie & brad. they made the tough decision to postpone their big wedding plans—but on their original wedding date opted for an intimate, 14-person backyard ceremony. they said “i do,” and then we hopped in the car for some gold-drenched sunset beach bridals. when we got back, allie and brad’s family were waiting for them with lit sparklers and lots of cheers, followed by a funfetti wedding cake and a new last name.

so many people are being affected by what’s going on today—the climate of this country and this planet right now is heavy and hard. i’m so honored to be chosen and trusted and supported by people with the best hearts; these tiny victories and celebrations are truly a silver lining through it all.

these are my people & it was the perfect day.

p.s. replace “karamu” with “corona” in the song and it’s literally the perfect soundtrack to this whole damn day!!!

dress: revolve
florist: lauren drake designs
makeup: skylar quartaro

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