ally & nick 〰︎ trevi fountain, italy elopement

The idea was simple: Ally & Nick wanted to get married in front of the Trevi Fountain surrounded by their closest family and friends. The idea became not-so-simple when we took into account how many people visit the Trevi Fountain per hour, and the fact that we weren’t sure how legal it was to get married there in the first place. A game plan was formed: 7am Thursday morning, everyone will meet at the Trevi Fountain for their ceremony.

Three days prior to wedding day, I walked by the fountain and it was completely drained of all water. Two days prior, I walked by and it was full again, but completely barricaded and impossible to enter. The day before the wedding, it was caution-taped off and nobody could descend the steps. To add to the anxiety, there was a 60% chance of rain from 6am throughout most of the day. Ally & Nick, being the badass mofos that they are, basically said “Fuck it, let’s see what happens and we’ll figure out a plan B if we need one.”
The morning of the ceremony, Ally, Nick, and their favorite people gathered around a damn near empty Trevi Fountain in the drizzly, misty Italian air and we got to experience the most intimate and uniquely beautiful ceremony ever.

We had a 4am wake-up call, but it was all totally and completely worth it.

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