isabella & kenny 〰︎ cali, colombia wedding celebration

“we didn’t choose the most beautiful place to get married, we chose the place that felt the warmest, that held the most love.”

if your bride and groom don’t end the night dancing on stage in front of all of their guests, was it really even a party???
i am finally getting around to blogging one of my favorite weddings ever. this is one of my most content heavy blog posts ever, and it is so well deserved. there was just SO MUCH HAPPENING. isabella & kenny & all their close friends and family gathered together in cali, colombia to celebrate their biggest day. we hung out with their family, ate home cooked meals, walked around the streets of cali, and then partied to the weeee hours of the next day. absolutely one of the most beautiful venues i’ve ever shot at, UGH. isabella and kenny have so much love in their hearts, and everyone felt it that week. eternally grateful to know them and love them. best fucking week ever ✨

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  1. Alexa Dannemiller says:

    where was this venue? I am looking for venues in Cali as well. Thanks for your help!

  2. Zuly Lozano says:

    What is the name of the venue?